Julia Freudenberg

Hacker School

Julia is the CEO of Hacker School – an initiative founded in 2014 who aims to inspire kids and young adults between 11-18 years for IT by two IT-specialists (Inspirer) on weekend courses. Triggered by the idea of digital inclusion of both, kids and refugees, in 2017 the new project “Hacker School PLUS” was launched to provide a triple win situation for all parties involved: for kids to join stimulating IT-workshop; for refugees to get in direct contact with the labour market; and for companies to use a smart approach to engage in a CSR compatible way in refugee support while getting in touch with potential new employees. 

With her passion for networking, Julia seeks to find new partnerships and projects to enlarge the opportunities of Hacker School to integrate disadvantaged kids, establishing closer networks between (volunteer) coding initiatives and to enroll both Hacker School and Hacker School PLUS in all Germany.

Julia combines profound and long-term work experience in small and large companies with her doctoral studies at the Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany. Her research focuses on benefits and challenges of the vocational integration of refugees, especially in the context of (social) entrepreneurship and early entrepreneurship education.