Farid Bidardel


Farid Bidardel is co-founder and currently the CEO of CodeDoor (www.codedoor.org), an international educational network for software developers. With CodeDoor anyone can become an excellent developer. CodeDoor also supports companies to train their (future) employees and getting them ready for upcoming tasks.

With the help of companies and organizations (such as Salesforce, J.P.Morgan and Udacity), Farid and his team have successfully launched a scholarship program for underrepresented youth and young adults to become software developers. CodeDoor has also created a training for high school teachers to bring coding education to schools.

Prior to joining CodeDoor, Farid led several projects for Social Impact. Together with large companies and foundations - such as KfW Foundation and Generali – he developed national and international programs for both young entrepreneurs and social start-ups. 

As an organizational psychologist and educational scientist with a focus on youth and adult education, Farid is now a lecturer on social innovation, future education and social businesses at the Phillips University in Marburg and the Goethe University in Frankfurt.  For his work he has won numerous awards, such as the European Excellence Award or the Land Of Ideas Award, given to him by the President of Germany. He is also an alumni of the Startup School of Y Combinator in San Francisco.