Emer Beamer

Founder and method designer.
Designathon Works

Founder and impact designer at Designathon Works.
Ashoka Fellow and Lego Re-imagining Learning.
Designathon Works envisions a world where all children are engaged in applying their creativity to design a
better world using technology. We achieve this by spreading the designathon method and thinking, to
schools, institutes and businesses worldwide. The flagship project is the yearly Global Children's
Designathon held in 30 cities worldwide and growing.
Co-founder of Butterfly Works (2004-2012) Co-creating Social Change, in the Netherlands and working on
programs in 22 countries. She led the Global Learning team for 10 years and won prestigious prizes from
organizations such as Ars Electronica and the United Nations.
Co-founder of Nairobits in Kenya (1999-2007) a design school for young people from informal settlements,
with 9000 graduates, still going strong after 15 years, Nairobits now has offshoots in 5 other African