Alvaro Caballero

Customer Journey Expert
ING Tech Academy

Alvaro Caballero has experience with the implementation of educational projects on elementary schools, as well as experience as adoption lead of projects related to collaborative platforms and social learning programmes within large enterprise settings.

He currently holds the positions of Customer Journey Expert of the Tech Academy of ING Bank, and Innovative Pedagogy Implementation Manager for the Yaxunah elementary school.

Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLE): Where curiosity meets technology

How to apply SOLE's across different learning contexts?

SOLE is both a refreshing vision in education and a methodology on how to create opportunities for highly engaging and significant learning experiences.

Designed to transfer the ownership and direction of learning to the learner, it is an ideal vector to develop key and lifelong capabilities such as collaboration and complex problem solving. A space to encourage passion and cultivate curiosity.

During this interactive workshop we will review the main concepts and how-to's in order to apply this technique on different environments. With examples from elementary and high schools as well as from enterprise settings.