Finland’s Aalto University has been named among the top young universities of the world. Aalto University organizes a track of Brave New Learning sessions on gamified learning, co-creative pedagogies and creative coding. Aalto also provides insights into their A!OLE online learning innovation initiative. Meet Aalto students and lecturers.

Picture: Aalto University

Hosted by the Dutch Royal Academy of Science, the Comenius network is a new platform for accredited educational innovators. Participants are the laureates of the Comenius program of OCW and the National Educational Research Authority (NRO), and the candidates selected by the Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg ISO for the election of Lecturer of the Year. Comeniusnetwerk offers a series of Teacher Talks and workshops at Brave Newlearning

The MIT MediaLAB is home of maker-centered and creative digital pedagogies. MIT MediaLAB Learning Director Philipp Schmidt will present their latest developments at Brave New Learning. And students of the MIT Architecture faculty discuss their visons of a future library for OBA in the Amsterdam Zuidas district.

Picture by Unmadindu, Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA 2.0

Many governmental organisations, NGO’s, scientists and companies are working on innovation of education. However, relevant and sustainable innovation can only take place during everyday practice at schools. At Brave New Learning, Kennisland invites to explore, how to grow a community of school teachers for maker centered learning.

Picture: Kennisland

We want to shape a new generation of independent thinkers, who will solve the challenges of tomorrow. To face this difficult task, students need an alternative source of knowledge, one that breaks with traditional ways of learning. And this is where we come in. We connect inspirational people with those, who have an unfulfilled potential to impact the world in a positive way.

Our goal is simple and humble:
entertain everyone - inspire some - change the lives of few.

The CodeWeek Hamburg invites children and teenagers every autumn to look behind the scenes of the digital world. In over 100 exciting workshops and hands-on activities throughout the city , they can acquire digital skills and playfully find out how much fun, creativity and teamwork are in coding. Discuss experiences and the approach with the people behind CodeWeek at Brave New Learning.

Picture: Sandra Schink

Born out of the 2007 Cape Town Open Declaration, Peer to Peer University (P2PU) has become a global grassroots network of learners in over 132 cities and public spaces around the world. P2PU team members will share at Brave New Learning their approach, provide insights into their use of open technologies and explain how to create and facilitate learning circles.

Picture: P2PU

Hacker School

Professional developers share their knowledge and experience as "Inspirers" as part of the Hacker School courses – a nonprofit initiative from Germany active in 11 cities. In the foreground are above all fun, practical application and a lively participatory culture. Learn from HackerSchool‘s experience how to make coding fun, organize hacking events and explore hacking yourself.

Picture: Hacker School

SenseBox:edu is coming to Brave New Learning, an award-winning kit for experimenting and programming with environmental data. Ideally suited for use in the MINT sector at secondary schools from the 5th class onwards, but is also used in some of the top universities in Europe.

The Young Wadden Academy wants to stimulate interest among young people in marine research and in particular the wadden sea. Young Wadden Academy researchers will explain and let you experience their experimental learning approaches. Learn how exploring our natural environments can be turned into exciting learning.

Logo: Young Wadden Academy

Samsung and Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN) created Beat the Street. The virtual reality (VR) game teaches high school students to playfully recognize dangerous situations in traffic. With the game, Samsung and VVN respond to the biggest fears of parents about their children in traffic. Beat the Street will be live at Brave New Learning, so that you can test drive yourself how virtual reality learning can improve traffic education at schools.

Picture: Samsung

Samsung and Méér Musik in de Klas (more music in the classroom) Foundation have developed a workshop approach to engage childrens as digital composers.

The workshops have recently being nominated for an Innovation Award from the National Education Exhibition (NOT). Test your music composing skills and learning about the workshop approach at Brave New Learning.

Picture: Samsung

Designathon Works envisions a world where all children are engaged in applying their creativity to design a better world using technology. Learn how to create your own designathon and explore with us the potentials of design thinking in education.

Picture: Designathon Works

Waag operates at the intersection of science, technology and the arts. At Brave New Learning, Waag invites you to explore two perspectives on maker education: arts & science. Waag also runs a workshop on maker education and social entrepreneurship based on their EU Horizon 2020 project Do IT.

Picture: Waag

Minerva Schools is a higher education program affiliated with the Keck Graduate Institute – Claremont Colleges, California. Minerva runs programs that deeply engage participants from all over the world through small real-time seminars and cultural immersion. Explore and discuss at Brave New Learning how Minerva creates their adaptable learning experiences.

Picture: Minerva Schools at KGI

NewTechKids is a technology education academy in Amsterdam dedicated to igniting the problem-solving capabilities and innovative spirit of children. At Brave New Learning, Deborah Carter, founder of NewTechKids shares her experience how primary school kids can get creative with technology – from early coding to experimenting with hardware. And invites participants to co-develop new ideas for tech education programs for young children.

Picture: NewTechKids

Code door is an educational network of developers at all levels of expertise and companies of all sizes. Based entirely on stipends and enabling underrepresented groups to learn how to code, build stuff and get a job. At Brave New Learning, Code Door founder Farid Birdadel  invites to explore and discuss experiences in growing a community of developers as peer teachers.

Picture: Code Door

The beach is an Amsterdam-based network of people and organizations that embrace openness, involvement and interaction. The beach has developed the Sustainist design toolkit, runs living-labs in the city and a local maker hub in the Wildemanbuurt in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Join the beach at Brave New Learning and explore how pressing urban challenges can become maker learning opportunities.

Picture: The beach

Growth tribes is Europe‘s first growth academy backed by the Universities of Amsterdam, Facebook and StartupAmsterdam. Explore how to growth-hack your startup, community or digital learning business for social impact at Brave New Learning with Growth tribe Amsterdam.

Picture: growth tribe

ProjectTogether is Germany‘s leading incubator for start-ups and initiatives adressing societal challenges. At Brave New Learning, ProjectTogether runs a hand—on workshop on how to bring ideas with social-impact to the street.

Picture: ProjectTogether.

Hacking & Making Workshops

During the Hacking & Making Workshops you will be able to learn hands-on through making things yourself. Anything from code, apps, games, robots and 3D printed objects to sound, music, comics, clothes, scientiftc experiments and much more side by side with students and other visitors.

Interactive Workshops

Our lnteractive Workshops will get you into action using a design driven approach including elements of ideation, sharing observations, prototyping and planning for actions. We will create a range of creative workspaces to immerse you in a truly cocreative experience.

Keynotes & Panels

We just love dialogue and an open exchange of ideas.

We will feature keynotes, cases and discussions with leading learning innovators, city developers, tech visionaries and community builders from Europe and beyond.

Fireside Chats

Our fireside chats offers opportunities for open and in-depth dialogue. Closely involving the audience, you will be able to exchange experiences with leading practitioners from Europe and beyond.


You will have plenty of possibilities to share your ideas, insights and workshop results with your peers in our Sharing Space. The Sharing Space will become an expo of results, learnings, prototypes and ideas from the Festival and the Conference. lt will be made available to all OBA visitors to form a living and lasting outcome from Brave New Learning.