Brave New Learning

Hack the learning future in one of Europe's most creative cities

We take the opportunity to celebrate, learn and look into the future at Brave New Learning in our beautiful OBA Oosterdok location in Amsterdam.

As the brave new world challenges us to rethink the way we learn and develop throughout our lives and careers, we need to make sure everyone can keep up. Cities are facing digital transformation, inclusion, sustainability and other urban challenges while more and more people are moving into cities as creative hubs for work, life and learning. Together with our community, trusted partners and brave new innovators we will lay out scenarios how to quench the thirst for knowledge and learning in a booming city.

Be part of the future of learning in the heart of Europe. In an event like no other.

4 Days 4 Themes

21st century skills for everybody

As our societies become ever more digital, we see the gap between the digital natives and the digital illiterates widen every day. We need to make sure everyone can keep up with the pace and nobody is left behind. We need more learning experiences that support the development of 21st century skills and help to close the existing digital skill gaps.

Learning by making

An open making space provides the ideal setting for meaningful personal experiences. For imagination and the telling of stories; for dialogue and cooperation; for learning and creativity; for what is familiar and what opens our eyes. The experience of learning by making allows all kinds of transformations to happen.

Learning Communities

Our society needs physical and virtual communities where formal and informal learning can take place in a safe environment. Third spaces and public libraries in particular have a great tradition as a community builder. Learning with and learning from communities is critical to address some of the most prominent challenges we face today.

Augmented learning

With the advancement of technology, the boundaries between personal devices and the physical environment are blurring. Technology will have a big impact on how we learn and play a crucial role in building personal learning experiences. We need to find how we can leverage these technologies to augment personal learning in a meaningful way.

About us


The Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) has been growing with the city for nearly a hundred years. As a public network with 27 branches and 3,6 million visitors per year, OBA creates open spaces all over the city for everyone to connect, share and learn. It provides an inclusive access to knowledge and literacies of today and tomorrow by organizing many events, workshops and special programs. It is a place where Brave New Learning is made possible.

The European Learning Industry Group (ELIG), is a non-profit association of leading publishers, universities and technology companies supporting the future of learning in Europe. The ELIG Conference Series started in 2013 to create an open dialogue and enable co-creation for learning innovators all over Europe. Building on successful events in Stockholm, London, Berlin, Paris and Aarhus, the next stop is Amsterdam.



Sacha van Tongeren

Project Lead Brave New Learning

Elmar Husmann

ELIG Secretary General

Natalija Counet

Executive Production & Programming

Maarten Lammers

OBA Head of Development

Astrid Groborsch

ELIG Design Communication Marketing

Astrid Vlug

OBA Sponsorship and Partnerships

Gwen Buijs

OBA Production

Nico Roehrig

ELIG Project Management

Moritz Jonathan Arndt

ELIG Project Management

Claudia Didjurgeit

ELIG Senior Advisor